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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Invesment tips: Women vs. House?

Aside from my career, I am heavily focusing on buying a house and finding the right chick to marry (all meeting channels options are open ;-)

Most of my close friends and I are at a point in our lives where we start thinking about where we are going to be in 10, 20, 30 years. With respect to our professions, we all kinda know what we're doing and where we're going. But the bigger challenge for us is NOT where we're going to be in the coming years but WHO we're going to be with.

Given that we're all in the same boat I thought to dedicate this blog entry to helping my close friends decide how to best invest in a woman (or wife) and a house.

Similarities between a woman and a house:
1. You have to spend lots of time and effort to find just the right one
2. They both keep you warm
3. They both can potentially earn you money
4. They both help you raise a family
5. They both require constant maintience (gifts, praises, yard work, cleaning, fixing, etc)
6. You go home to both everyday after work

Differences between a woman and a house:
1. You can NOT rent out your woman (wife) to a well paying tenant
2. A house can't cook
3. A woman depreciates in value as she gets older while a house (according to historical statistics) appreciates in value
4. You can only (legally & eithically) have one woman (or wife) at a time while own multiple houses.
5. You can't sell your woman/wife legally in the United States.
6. A house does not come with in-laws

So, for those people who think in terms "investing", the above similarites and differences will help you in deciding to invest in a woman and/or a house (or both).

Monday, May 09, 2005

BMW or Lexus (Making hard decisions)

This post is motivated by the fact that there are people out there who think that having a BMW versus a Lexus (or vice versa) is a very hard decision. These are the people who can afford the luxries of the world but still bitch about a sucky life. If you have to pick between a BMW and Lexus, you should consider yourself LUCKY and FORTUNATE to even afford a luxry car! Life is good for you if this is the only hard decision you have to make and bitch about. It's frustrating to even write about people like this...I am ending this post now!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My First Blog!

Finally! I get a chance to be part of the buzz! "Every one is doing it..." is what I heard from my buddies at work. They're all just blogging away on company time. (Hurray for corporate America!) For me, the challenging part is not setting up a blog but it's writing about something that really matters. But here goes ...hmm...let me talk about some pressing issue that impacts us all, and most us choose to ignore it and give in...Our thoughts are totally controlled by the media. My thoughts are being controlled by them with their wear this, buy that, act this way but not that, watch "Survivor", shouldn't round 2nd base on the first date, athletes are heroes, etc. (Ouch!) I know that last one hurt some people but that' s okay because we all know who the real heros are and it ain't no baseball player.My point is that I need room to breath, maybe use my own brain for a while. You know, learn to make my own decisions sometimes. Most people can respond to that by saying "hey STOP watching T.V. you whiner" But to them I say that it's not just T.V but the freaking magazines, school, friends and colleagues who are brain washed by the media and everything else. It's everyone and everything around us that says you're free but we control everything you do, say and want.WOW! My first blog is turning out to be all about issues and I am not even a feminist. I feel as if I have issues with the world around me. Or is it that I am just trying to kill time before my favorite T.V show starts?Yeah, it's the latter, Seinfield is on in a few minutes, but this was fun! Hopefully, I'll be able to fight the laziness created by years of watching T.V and write another issue filled blog...until then...Super Snoop